Why boudoir?

A boudoir photograph is all about acceptance and enjoyment. Enjoyment of yourself, of the moment, of the energy that you express. This is not simply a photography session, it is an experience that would absolutely change the way you think about yourself. It will make you embrace yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin!

Sex appeal is not about sizes, kilograms, it is about expression and attitude. It is about feeling comfortable the way you are and expressing that for everyone around you to enjoy. It is not about modelling experience, it is about setting yourself free and letting your inner light shine.


I never thought I would pose half naked in front of a guy with a camera.. And although I was extremely shy and hesitant at first, Stefan made sure I felt comfortable enough to actually have fun and enjoy this whole process. Seriously, we laughed our a***s off! Stef is awesome - easy-going, talented and very professional. I had no expectations from this photoshoot, but I saw myself in a completely different light and was absolutely satisfied with the final shots.



Okay so I was really anxious about trying a shoot like this, but there's a first time for everything I guess. I've had photographers ask me about shooting boudoir before, but I always turned them down, because I thought this wouldn't be natural to me. And as it turns out, it really isn't.

Stefan though managed to make my awkwardness look not too awkward and I must say I'm glad I tried this.

Thank you, Stefan, for being so kind and making sure I didn't implode in anxiety.



I would always take the opportunity to see myself through the eyes of an artist like Stefan who pours light beautifully over every curve of the woman's body. At the moment we met he put me at ease and made me feel confident and excited about the whole experience. Once I saw the finished shots I knew I can trust him enough for choosing the ones he prefers being published. He has such unique vision and an impeccable style!



I am sure that I needed this experience so I can look at myself from a different perspective... That of Stefan. His view on things makes you fall in love with yourself, just the way that you feel that you at that moment. No posing, just real emotions. It was a real productive meditation for both sides, that I cannot wait to repeat again. Thank you!


I am not sure, because…

... I don’t know how to pose.
— Posing is for professional models, and is NOT IMPORTANT in our photoshoot. Sensuality and sex-appeal is about expression and is the result of a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, not years of experience in front of a camera.
... I don’t know how my boyfriend/husband/father/boss is going to react.
— Remember that you are doing this first and foremost for yourself. The actual photoshoot and the pictures will be private, so it is all up to you to share them with whoever you decide later on. But remember - this is about your expression and your, personal comfort.
... I am embarrassed to be nude in front of a stranger.
— Nudity is absolutely optional and is the subject of your own will. Hiding, revealing, implying nudity is all based on your decision and your decision only. You set the limits and boundaries and then we operate within those set parameters, completely relaxed and not nervous or worried a question or a comment would be out of line.
... I am shy to share my intimate photos online.
— The photoshoot is 100% private and it is up to you to decide whether or not you would like to share the photos online, on social media or somewhere else.
... I don’t know what to wear or how to style myself.
— In my own work I heavily support simple and limited styling.I believe that being sexy and looking beautiful is not about heavy make-up or designer lingerie. A stylist can be present upon request, but is not mandatory.
...I don’t know if I can bring my boyfriend or girlfriend to the shoot?
— Boudoir is a personal experience and anyone outside of me and me, with the exception of a stylist, would make the atmosphere a little awkward and tense. An extra set of eyes is always going to make you feel more conscious of your body or your actions. A friend or a significant other can be present during meetings and setting up the shoot, but during the actual shooting all extras should let us work in privacy.


Why not?

My ultimate goal is for you to have fun and to enjoy the atmosphere and the overall boudoir experience. To be relaxed and to embrace your body and your sensuality. When together we have that covered, the photos always turn out amazing!

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and my goal is to show you that you are too! Not after you lose 5 kilograms, not after you get that six-pack, but now, in this very moment. Let me create a safe space for your and to show you what you husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend sees - your beauty and sexyness!

My name is Stefan Vasilev and I am a portrait, lifestyle and boudoir photographer. I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria but I travel a lot and I am available for shoots anywhere in the world.

I have over 5 years of experience in shooting boudoir and I can assure you that you would love the experience and when we are done shooting, you would want more of it! I will assist you in posing, wardrobe choices, styling, and everything that you would possibly need in order to have a great experience!

Use the form bellow and let’s make this happen!

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